February 5, 2010


Today I passed someone I met in the summer and we both said hi, but I could tell he didn't remember my name, and I didn't remember his. Oh well.

Also, sometimes when I'm walking people will smile at me and I won't smile back simply because I don't react fast enough (yeah, I'm slow. Get over yourself.). It makes me feel bad, because I know that when I smile at someone and they don't smile back I feel awkward. Oh well.

Today we moved from a study of the universe in my Science Foundations class to atomic structure and matter. I'm kind of bummed out. It was pretty interesting stuff. Oh well.

This new "Hey, Soul Sister" song by Train is really good. I'm sure it'll be completely outplayed soon but for now I really like it.

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Jenny said...

ah, the smiling in passing at ricks. it took a while to get used to, but i liked it. glad to hear people are still friendly up there. although i had plenty of awkward "smile" or "non-smile" moments.