January 21, 2011


The sheep at the LC are lambing, so today at the end of one of my classes we went out to see them. I really didn't want to squeal like a little girl but seriously, the lambs were so. cute.
This one just sat there in the sling while we were weighing him, it was so funny.

And I didn't really squeal.

January 18, 2011

I have

so much more room in this apartment! It is GREAT!

January 14, 2011

You guys

it snowed a lot yesterday.

January 7, 2011

It's Winter in Wonderlaaaand!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have my classes at the Livestock Center. Between 10 and 11:30 I have an empty slot but I don't want to go back to campus for an hour so instead I do work in the computer lab, and I go out to see the horses/cows/sheep.

I think there is a horse class during that time but they haven't actually used to horses yet... So today and Wednesday I had the horses all. to. myself.

I step outside and it's so quiet, so all the horses look up to see who's being so loud walking over the snow, and they all have their gorgeous winter coats. Ohhhhhhh my goodness...

This guy's name is Oreo. I can't think why...

This is Superman! He's roommate to the horse I rode last spring.

What's with the tongues, guys?


January 6, 2011

I just realized the blog still has all its Christmas decorations up.

...Oh well, I'll fix it later...