May 25, 2010

Oh yeah...


Today in my horsemanship class we started learning how to jump. Yeah. Totally stoked.

Just want everyone to know...

I got a 92% on my first Psych test. Then my professor curved it and I got a 100%. :)

May 14, 2010

I think this is so beautiful. Mack Wilberg wrote an arrangement of it for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, though I'm not sure if it was originally written to music or as a poem. If any of you know of a solo/duet arrangement you should send it my way. :)

Let peace then still the strife,
The loneliness and grief,
Come heal the piercing silence of passing.
And sweet familiar strains,
The voices lost in death,
Arise in songs of hope everlasting.
Then let the voices roll
As waves upon the sea;
Come forth and break upon us, refreshing.

And barren coves be filled -
O'er flow with reverie!
Let mem'ry salve as Gilead's caressing.
And though the balm be spread,
Let tender rifts remain
That breaking hearts not yield to forgetting.
For hearts rent wide at death,
Unfolded to our dead,
Hear singing from beyond sunlight's setting.

Then sing, beloved ones,
Reach o'er the summer sea.
Pour forth thy boundless love for us living!
Sweep into ev'ry soul,
Make music of our tears,
Turn all our songs to joy and thanksgiving!
And when we silent pass,
From far across the sea
Let praises ring for life's wond'rous blessing.

Then sing ye living souls!
Sing generations past,
Swell high the tide of life, us refreshing!
Sing forth as with one voice,
Bear silent grief away,
Resound with peace and hope everlasting!
And all who wait and sing,
Sing on from earth and heav'n
And make our crossing forth joyful passing!

I got it authorized!


And hey, everyone else was changing their layout. People keep asking me what I'm going to do when I'm not a teenager anymore, about my blog title. I was thinking I would just call it Post-Teenage Insights, but I don't know. How does "Cleo in Wonderland" sound? I feel like that's an overused blog title but I can't think of anyone I actually know that uses it...

May 13, 2010


is the name of my hopefully permanent horse in my Basic Horsemanship class. He doesn't like to listen to me very much, but it's okay. We're working on it. This is my favorite class this semester, for sure. Which is kind of funny because it's not actually worth any credits...

Anyway. I found out recently that it's only a block class. Yeah. Bummer. I looked up the Basic Horsemanship II classes, but there were only two that were open during the second block. One of them was full, and the other was during a time when I already have a class scheduled.

Okay okay, guess what. I checked again today and the one that is open during a free period for me has an open seat!! Woooooo!!! The site told me I had to get authorization (probably because I'm still taking the Basic Horsemanship I class right now) so I emailed him. Hopefully he'll add me in time. :)

May 8, 2010


I went on another date with Rodger last night. We saw a show from The Society on campus. Oh my goodness. It was so fun.

I'm kind of excited about this.

Anyway. I'm going to go do my art homework now so I can watch Pride and Prejudice tonight my roommates. :)

May 5, 2010

Sometimes when you PMS

everything about life is terrible.
And sometimes you think your roommate is so annoying.
And sometimes you aren't excited for that date you are going on anymore.
And sometimes you get upset when you're talking to your friend and he hasn't IMed you in 5 minutes.
And sometimes you miss your old roommate really bad.

So basically, what you do is you don't stay up until 12:30, but if you had to, then you go to bed as soon as possible and pray that you are a more rational human being the next day.

May 1, 2010


I'm going on a date tonight with a guy who's first name is Rodger, and middle name is Lyle.