May 5, 2010

Sometimes when you PMS

everything about life is terrible.
And sometimes you think your roommate is so annoying.
And sometimes you aren't excited for that date you are going on anymore.
And sometimes you get upset when you're talking to your friend and he hasn't IMed you in 5 minutes.
And sometimes you miss your old roommate really bad.

So basically, what you do is you don't stay up until 12:30, but if you had to, then you go to bed as soon as possible and pray that you are a more rational human being the next day.


Elizabeth said...

Yeah after like ten years of that I finally went on birth control and now that doesn't happen anymore. I HIGHLY recommend it.

The Queen said...

Ooooh. That's a bummer. I know exactly how ya feel though. So sorry!! Hope you're feeling better today.

Carla said...