June 29, 2011


I turned twenty this month. It was nice.

19 years...

and 20!
The difference is just staggering. Don't you think?
I just realized I am wearing the same jacket in those pictures... Yep. Just staggering.

It was also the birthday of my dear siblings, Joseph, John, and Judy.

It was ALSO Fathers' Day.
I'm pretty sure this is one of my favorite pictures of my parents. Ever.

Happy June everyone! Hope it was great!

p.s. Having talked with my good friend Shelby and then later, my roommate, I've decided I want a teacup pig.

Aaaaaah. So cute.

June 2, 2011

Last Thursday

I took a trip down to Salt Lake for one of my best friends' wedding.

Okay as I was finishing that sentence I realized that it was grammatically incorrect somewhere. Let me rephrase.

Last Thursday I took a trip down to Salt Lake to attend the wedding of one of my best friends.

That's a little better.

It was so great. They were so happy. She looked so beautiful. Life is just wonderful.
Nicole and her bridesmaids...

The group from BYUI, plus Nicole's sister. I love the way Nicole is laughing in this one.

And the way they are both laughing in this one. I think at this point Dave was wrestling with some internal dilemma, about whether or not Nicole would look nice with cake in her face.

Luckily, he decided it wasn't worth it to find out.