September 22, 2006

Had to put it up...

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aren't we cute??? ;)

After much encouragement...

I have decided to post again!!!

School has obviously been occupying most of my time, so I guess I'll talk about that first. I can't tell you how glad I am it's Friday, school is exhausting! I don't een know why! It's not like it's that hard or anything. Of course, have of it is probably seminary at 6:00 in the morning, and water polo after school.

I still like my English class the best. My history teacher is pretty cool though. The class, however, is pretty dry as of yet. All we've done lately is read out of the textbook. He says he'll be bringing in more things to do than read soon though.

Water polo is makingg me buff, woohoo! It's also giving me a nice tan. The pool gets colder every day though. In fact, yesterday the coach made me and jackie do seperate stuff from what the boys were doing, (we were the only girls who had our swimsuits... it's a long story) and at first had us eggbeat from side to side across the pool until the boys were done with their laps. We couldn't even feel our legs anymore after the first couple times across, it was ridiculous. After much contemplation, I have found that I do NOT want to actually want to have a season. Memories of games don't seem very appealing... I just like going to practice. Oh well...

Hmmm.... I guess I'll have to throw something else in, or all of my entries will be about school and water polo. Abel and Alex are teaching me this...thing... a drum thing. There isn't really a name for it, we just call it the trash can thing. Basically, several drummers all playing on trash cans, it's really cool though. You just kind of have to see it. I'm excited about learning it though, it's one of the only times I've let them teach me anything on the drums. I still flatly refuse to join drumline, so I think they're glad to get whatever chance they can.

September 8, 2006


Here's a movie of Emily singing the beloved popcorn song! Accompanied by myself, and a frend of mine from church.

Sorry if it isn't very good quality, I've never used photobucket for videos before.

My first.... two days?.... of school

Because for some reason, Muir starts in a Thursday. I guess they do that so that everyone can try to correct their schedule, I mean, come on now, who has ever started out the year with the schedule they wanted?

Yesterday I didn't have my suit for water polo (as my first schedule had told me I was going to be take regular average PE...) so obviously I wasn't in the pool. Today my coach canceled on us without telling any of us... (????????? yes, even for 6th period, not just after school!) I didn't really get that, but whatever. So now I haven't been to practice in a week, and I dread going back.

Orchestra is tiny.... One stand of second violins, two stands of firsts ... and all those other people in an orchestra... I guess that means I actually have to play well this year. Dangit!

And then there's all those other classes. You know the ones I'm talking about. I like my English class... the first two days of it anyway, but I can't really say much about my other classes yet.

I dunno, I'm feeling a bit pessimistic about it all really. Hope things will turn out well though! >_<

September 5, 2006


My first post! yes!

Well, today, my Mom took me down to the school, because i was supposed to have water polo practice. When we got there the gate was locked, so, we drove around the school once to see if the kids were practice on the field or something. My coach drove by us (i thought it was him anyway), so we went back to the pool deck, but the gate was still locked! So, I didn't go to practice today. I still haven't figured out whether I'm bummed out about that, or whether I'm happy. Maybe I'll post again when I figure it out.

Oh yeah, and I'm also going to post about our Utah trip when I upload a couple of pictures onto the computer.