September 5, 2006


My first post! yes!

Well, today, my Mom took me down to the school, because i was supposed to have water polo practice. When we got there the gate was locked, so, we drove around the school once to see if the kids were practice on the field or something. My coach drove by us (i thought it was him anyway), so we went back to the pool deck, but the gate was still locked! So, I didn't go to practice today. I still haven't figured out whether I'm bummed out about that, or whether I'm happy. Maybe I'll post again when I figure it out.

Oh yeah, and I'm also going to post about our Utah trip when I upload a couple of pictures onto the computer.


Judy said...

Yay for me! I am the first to comment! Boy this blog is bright... I like it!! Oh, and you are glad that you missed practice. : )

Brent said...

Congratulations to Judy for being faster than the rest of us, and congratulations Cleo on your first Blossom of Delight.

blah9 said...

Hi, Sweetie:

Hope you have fun with this. Hope blogging doesn't turn into something as disgusting as "My Space!" Ugh!

Did you receive a little school gift I sent to you. Blog me back and tell me, ok? Hey, is..."Blog me back" the way to say it?

Jenny said...

Hey Cleo! I'm so glad you've started a blog. Now we can keep up with what you're doing. :)