November 30, 2009

Some people might think I'm a little too excited...

Lot's of people feel sorry for Thanksgiving because it gets overshadowed by Christmas. I used to feel the same way. Poor Thanksgiving! But you know what guys? Thanksgiving doesn't really care. I don't think it even notices.

I don't think Christmas does either.

November 28, 2009

More Pearls

Roger: It was free, and worth every penny.

1 minute later;
Me: haha! Free and worth every penny.
Roger: Took a while for that one to process...


November 26, 2009

Pearls Before Swine

Me: Roger, why would you want dark chocolate? It's gross!
Roger: Cleo, dark chocolate is the greatest thing in the world...

....Except for my car!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. :)

November 9, 2009

Like I said...

I had to break the line of cat posts because this is YET another cat post.

Simon's Cat

I laugh out loud every time I see it. His other ones are pretty funny too, especially "Cat Man Do".

November 4, 2009

Anybody want this shirt for Christmas?

I think this one is a little more funny.

Since I got home I've been watching the new Doctor Who Series on Netflix. I definitely recommend them. :)
Also, for those of you who use the BYUI website, you know how they always have a student on the homepage? Apparently those people were recommended by their bishop. It is my new goal to become one of those people.

Some of you may have noticed that this post rambles a little bit. It's true, the only reason I posted it was to break the string of cat posts I've had.