May 31, 2011


in class, I dehorned a cow. I felt terrible. Those cows were not happy.
Oh well.

Anyway. (I use that word a lot in my posts... I also start many of them off with the title "Today", and then continue from there. I guess there are just certain methods I prefer??) Today I saw that ModCloth is having a sale.

I like ModCloth...

and I like sales...
I really just like the name of this top. "White Here, White Now". hehe. (much better if you take the 'r' out of 'Here' also)

So great.

(All images from ModCloth)

May 26, 2011

Oh hey there, it's me again.

Vanessa started a blog for The Fruitful Nut (our booth at the farmers' market).

If you're in Idaho and are interested in the market at all, follow it! I believe she'll be updating it frequently with information about our products.

"The Fruitful Nut"

I've washed my hands fifty times but I can still smell it

Today we had to check some cows to see if they were pregnant. I stuck my arm in some of them.

Inside their...



It was pretty gross, but it was also kind of satisfying. Is that weird?
Never mind, I know it's weird.

Anyway. I feel like this was a big step for me. I've felt around the inside of a cow. It was warm and squishy.

Now, if you'll excuse me I am going to go wash my hands again in a desperate attempt to rid them of the stench.

p.s. I've recently been introduced to the music of Mindy Gledhill. Isn't she so cute?

May 24, 2011

I just signed in to Blogger on Internet Explorer

For some reason it's not working on Firefox right now.

The font on my blog looks terrible on Internet Explorer. It's gross. So... if any of you are using it, switch to Firefox. 'Kay? :)

p.s. Guess what I'm leaving for Utah on THURSDAY because Nicole is getting married on FRIDAY! Woohooooooo!

p.p.s. I just opened Blogger in a new tab to find that post to link to Nicole and the font was okay, so I guess there isn't much reason for this post anymore but I'm putting it up anyway. Okay. Much love. Bye.

May 22, 2011

For the Children

Aren't these so neat? When I was younger I used to take a book and go sit in my mom's car to read all by myself. I would have loved to have a special place like this!

May 16, 2011


Vanessa and I worked the Idaho Falls farmers' market on Saturday, and I took a few pictures of our booth. We don't really have any fresh produce yet, so for now we're selling dried fruit and nuts from California. It's a little awkward sometimes when people ask us what these products have to do with BYU-Idaho.

"...Well... we package them at the school...? But we'll be bringing in our own produce soon! Really!"

Anyway, it's still delicious, and it's fun.

Aaaaand today in FHE we finger-painted. We partnered up and painted each other, then put all the paintings together and made a "family" portrait. Aren't we a handsome bunch?

May 13, 2011

Three reasons I love Rexburg

1. The skies

2. The company

3. The boots

May 9, 2011

Excuse my opinion

There is a game I've seen to be prevalent in social activities among the student wards here at BYUI called "Pass the Orange". I'm not sure how popular it is in other places, I'm sure there are lots of variations.
Anyway, I do not like this game at all.

The object of the game is to successfully pass an orange down a row of people by sticking the orange between your chin and neck. The next person grabs the orange with their chin/neck and it travels down the line the same way. You aren't allowed to use your hands.

I don't understand why people think this game is appropriate! Thank you, but I do not want a guy's face that close to my chest. Really.

What do you all think? Have you heard of this game? Do you think it's inappropriate or is it just a fun silly game I'm making a big deal out of?

Ugh. All I know is I left the ward FHE early tonight. :(

May 8, 2011

I took...

a walk today. Even though it was cold and cloudy. Isn't the sky so beautiful?

I really like track pictures.

But I like them better when they're sideways.

Or upside down.
Hugh thinks I'm kind of weird.

Happy Mothers' Day, Mom! I love you!