May 16, 2011


Vanessa and I worked the Idaho Falls farmers' market on Saturday, and I took a few pictures of our booth. We don't really have any fresh produce yet, so for now we're selling dried fruit and nuts from California. It's a little awkward sometimes when people ask us what these products have to do with BYU-Idaho.

"...Well... we package them at the school...? But we'll be bringing in our own produce soon! Really!"

Anyway, it's still delicious, and it's fun.

Aaaaand today in FHE we finger-painted. We partnered up and painted each other, then put all the paintings together and made a "family" portrait. Aren't we a handsome bunch?


Shelby Clark said...

Cleo, darling! Do you guys only go to the Idaho Falls market? Or will there be a booth at the Rexbug farmers market too? And when is the first farmers market in Rexburg?

Cleo said...

We do both, and the Rexburg market has already started! I think this week will be the fourth it's been open. From 4-8pm.

Laura said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I am glad to be checking your blog again!