September 8, 2006

My first.... two days?.... of school

Because for some reason, Muir starts in a Thursday. I guess they do that so that everyone can try to correct their schedule, I mean, come on now, who has ever started out the year with the schedule they wanted?

Yesterday I didn't have my suit for water polo (as my first schedule had told me I was going to be take regular average PE...) so obviously I wasn't in the pool. Today my coach canceled on us without telling any of us... (????????? yes, even for 6th period, not just after school!) I didn't really get that, but whatever. So now I haven't been to practice in a week, and I dread going back.

Orchestra is tiny.... One stand of second violins, two stands of firsts ... and all those other people in an orchestra... I guess that means I actually have to play well this year. Dangit!

And then there's all those other classes. You know the ones I'm talking about. I like my English class... the first two days of it anyway, but I can't really say much about my other classes yet.

I dunno, I'm feeling a bit pessimistic about it all really. Hope things will turn out well though! >_<


Jenny said...

Good luck when you get back to practice. I hope it's not too tough. I'm so glad you're updating and we get to read what you're up to!

ginger said...

Yikes, I can't believe how small the orchestra is. Well, do good at school, before you know it you will be applying to BYU! :-)