February 12, 2010


I did laundry today.


Basically I very strongly dislike the washers here at Royal Crest because this is the second time my clothes have gotten soap spots all over them! How do I get these things out? Should I use OxiClean?


ginger said...

Is it soap spots, or fabric softener? I used to have that happen at UCLA, but switching to dryer sheets fixed the problem.

Elizabeth said...

Ugh. My washer does that, too. If it is just detergent that is stuck on there, put them through a rinse cycle. But yeah if it's fabric softener... tough luck! Switch to dryer sheets like Ginger said.

Carla said...

Oh, booo! I used to have that problem. But I don't like the scent from the laundry sheets. I don't get those spots anymore.

Cleo said...

I'll try dryer sheets next time I run a load.

Can I get the spots out now that they're already there? Almost all of my clothes have them.