February 13, 2010

I think

I should get some whitening strips for my teeth. Do you guys have any you would recommend? :)


Twenty Somethin' said...

Sure Cleo

The Queen said...

I'd be careful with those. I got mine done at the dentist and my teeth were really sensitive for awhile afterward. Also the calcium deposits on my teeth were whiter. If you do decide to use them I would get some toothpaste for sensitivity.

Lyle said...

Before you buy the strips, you really need to get your teeth cleaned by the dentist. Otherwise all of the build-up on your teeth will get whitened instead of your teeth.

I personally don't like the over the counter strips, because I find them very difficult to put on my teeth correctly, and I usually end up bleaching my gums (which makes them sore and very painful to brush).

You can occasionally find some pretty amazing deals for the in-office whitening procedure--I got mine done for $50, which is really, really, really cheap. Normally, however, the procedure is going to be too expensive for a college student.

Otherwise, you can have your dentist make you custom fitted trays. This can be a little pricey for a college student as well, however.

But I just can't recommend getting the over the counter strips since they burn my gums.

Lyle said...

BTW--both Judy and I have suffered from tooth sensitivity getting our teeth whitened, which probably means you'll have the same problem. And it does hurt. You get these shooting pains through the nerves in your teeth. I mean it really hurts. Fortunately, it's temporary.

Elizabeth said...

Yeah, it makes my teeth sensitive, too. But I hear Crest Premium work great!

And I also heard that it damages the enamel on your teeth. I would have to research that one a little bit more though.

Breana Powell said...

I tried Crest White Strips back when I was like 12. They worked fine on my top teeth, but I experienced intense pain when I applied the strips to my bottom teeth, so I stopped using them on the bottom and continued using them on my top teeth....I still think my top teeth are whiter than my bottom teeth because of that. I'm kind of tempted to try it again, but I remember how painful it was! =/ Hmm..