February 10, 2010

Under Where?

So I haven't had cash to do my laundry, and I just barely found out that there's an ATM on campus last night (it was late, I didn't want to go), so for the past two nights I have hand washed a pair of underwear for me to wear the next day. I know, gross, weird, and let's hope not too many attractive guys are reading this.

Anyway, today I went in the bathroom to blow dry the pair I am currently wearing and I was in there for a couple minutes when my roommate goes, "Are you blow-drying your panties??" So funny! I thought so, anyway.

I think maybe I'll go get some cash today.


Elizabeth said...

Hahahahahaha wow.... that is gross. Hahah.

Do Charles and Laura not have a washer and dryer?

Carla said...

ack!! You should always have some cash on hand... just for emergencies. *chocolate doesn't count*
Beautiful undergarments should always be handwashed!

Lyle said...

As I was reading the post, I forgot whose blog it was--I thought you were Elizabeth because that sounds like an Elizabeth story.

Laura said...

Sorry we don't have a washer and dryer anymore. You can always use the change machine here, of course you still need some cash... Good luck with that!

Nicole said...

hahaha oh cleo how i love you my friend... this is hilarious!!!