January 29, 2010

Onion Rings

So, last night, my neighbors, with whom I spend more time than my own roommates, started a grease fire in their apartment. Yeah, I was there, it was crazy. It IS crazy!

But everyone is safe, and most of the girls' personal belongings are okay too, aside from the plates and things like that. They were making onion rings and when they turned the heat off the oil it just combusted... Then Natalie used the fire extinguisher. Oops.

So basically they're homeless for like a week.

And the story... spread like wildfire... I know, that's a terrible thing to say, but I asked Deanna if it was okay before I typed it. She said yes.

Also, last night I told a boy who comments on all of my statuses on facebook to stop doing it, because people were starting to ask me who he was. Usually if I ever message him he messages me right back, but last night he didn't. I think I hurt his feelings.

Happy Birthday Ella!


The Queen said...

I came over here to see if you had posted about what happened when I saw the pictures on FB. That's crazy! I'm glad you and everyone else are okay.

The Queen said...

is okay?

Elizabeth said...

Man those pictures are so crazy!!! I would have cried. Serious. Actually knowing my luck I probably would have died. But maybe not since I wouldn't have used a fire extinguisher. Maybe I would have. She definitely won't. Next time.

Poor boy. Don't worry about that too much though. He will get over it and you will need to do it lots more times, I'm sure.

Jenny said...

From John - Actually I wondered about this, because it seemed to me that a fire extinguisher is foam, not water, so it should not have a problem. But some quick online research shows that there are different types of fire extinguishers.

Class A fire extinguishers shoot water and are therefore unfit to put out grease fires.

Class B extinguishers shoot the foam, and can handle grease fires.

jLar. said...

Oh hey, I remember that! Bahaha.... A lot of people have stalked my fire pictures.

Cleo, I love you.