August 1, 2009


My first week of college has been pretty good. I've been kind of homesick but Charles and Laura are !awesome! and let me come over to their place. :) My roommates are all really nice, and the one that actually sleeps in the same room as me is also from California. She lives in Visalia.

I'm taking two classes: American Foundations and Book of Mormon. I was taking a writing foundations class but BYU-I got my AP credits this week and I already had credit for the class! So. I dropped it. I'm happy I could too, because that class was a lot of work for 7 weeks. I like both of my classes so far, I only wish I has brought a sweatshirt with me, instead of a thin jacket. Those classrooms are freezing!

I HAVE gone to play raquetball once with one of my roommates, but I forgot to look up how to play again before we left. Since I could only remember half of the rules we worked on our hand-eye coordination, which means we messed around for over an hour. It was fun though.

The other girls in the hall are pretty cool too. One of the girls from Ginger's ward is here and we hang out sometimes. There are two girls a few doors down who are from Tennessee and have awesome accents. I haven't told them that though because everyone else has told them multiple times. Boy that would bother me. haha.

I changed my major from Child Development to Communications. I think instead of doing a minor, I'm going to do this option that they call "clusters". Instead of taking a minor (in which you would take classes worth a total of 25-30 credits) you can take two focused class clusters, each one is worth about 15 credits. I'm going to take an art cluster, probably illustration, but I haven't decided on the other one yet.

Oh, Mom, a couple things that might interest you. On Thursday in our BoM class Br. Rowe was talking about Lehi's dream, and he asked one of the girls in the class to tell us a dream that she had had, and then he asked one of the guys to interpret it. He got it all wrong Mom, I totally had it figured out. I guess mine probably wasn't that accurate either, because I don't know her or anything, but my interpretation sounded way better. Also on Thursday, I think, my roommate made a roast in her slow cooker! It was so good! And then the girls from Tennessee brought over some homemade chicken noodle soup! We all ate together. It was delicious.


Jenny said...

sounds like a great first week. we've been thinking about you and wondering how things were going. thanks for the update!

Elizabeth said...

That is AWESOME. Yeah good move switching from Child Dev to Comms. If you want a job with social work or childcare or something like that I would recommend just doing a minor in Family Science or taking a handful of choice classes. You really don't need a major in it (hindsight is everything).

And good job with the dream. I've found that I'm pretty good at that stuff too. And sometimes it just comes to you like BAM. Sometimes it doesn't.

I bet it is awesome having Charles and Laura there... sometimes the only thing that would keep me going was knowing I could go to John and Jenny's! I might go over there again tonight, in fact, but they don't know it yet... hahaha....

Carla said...

yay! Cleo's blogging.
I'm glad you're enjoy BYUI, and especially glad that your sibs are so close to you.
You'll have to tell me the dream interpretation sometime, if you can still remember it.

Lyle said...

Be sure to play racquetball at times when you should be studying.