August 31, 2009


Ok everybody, sorry about the lapse. I'm having trouble breaking my non-blogger habits. :) Floating was awesome, we went last Monday. My roommates and I all went together, it was really fun. We tried staying together as we floated, which was a little difficult because the current did funny things to us and we often got caught on protruding rocks and branches. There were loads of mosquitos... which was lame. Deanna got massacred, I felt so bad! Also, one of the times I fell off my tube (I fell of twice) the current carried me over a couple sharp rocks. I took some pictures of my bruises but they didn't turn out very well so I won't put them up. They were pretty gnarly though. I also lost one of my sandals! Laaaaame. Deanna has been letting me borrow her's. It was fun though! We all had funny experiences to laugh about and I, of course, looked awesome in my bathing suit. :) Juuuuust kiddinngggg...
We ate after we got to Rigby Lake, which I'm now glad I didn't swim in because apparently it's really gross.
I learned how to skip rocks! My friend Ryan taught me. It was very exciting, hahaha.

A few nights ago our hall had a visitor!

We found this bat on the ceiling outside our door. In the evening another bat came and joined it, and the first one left. The next day the second left too. I was bummed. :( It's probably a good thing for the bats though because some of the girls were getting restless and decided to stir them up. Sillies.

I'm really excited for winter semester (well, not the WINTER part...) because my roommates and I have decided to room together again! Bailey isn't going to be here and the apartments we're living in are for 6 people, so we're going to live with Shelby and two of our neighbors named Alyssa and Jessica. I'm totally pumped, Deanna and I are going to live in the same room again. She is such an awesome roommate!

My American Foundations teacher posted another discussion board (I got 18 out of 20 on the other one, btw) called The Socio-Economics of Zion. I haven't read the article yet but it looks more interesting than the other one...

I'm excited to be going home in a week but I think I've found some things to miss.


The Queen said...

I can't believe you're coming home already! That went by really fast. Excellent job on your previous Discussion Board. And I'm glad you are having fun!

Carla said...

What!?? No bathing suit pics??
The bat looks kinda cute; too bad we don't have them here. yet...

See you Friday!!