August 12, 2009


Things are going pretty well up here. I'm a lot less homesick, probably due to my new friend Shelby, who is awesome and ecourages me to be more social with other people.

Last weekend I went down to Orem and stayed with John and Jenny, and hung out a lot with Elizabeth. It was way fun! I like getting the chance to see John and Jenny and I love getting to know my nephews and niece better. By the way, Elizabeth and I saw 500 Days of Summer and I wouldn't recommend it. >_<

This week has been fairly laid back, because both of my teachers changed their schedules arond a little this week. I've only had one class Monday and Tuesday, and I'll only have one class on Thursday. Today I don't have any classes. :) I took my American Foundations test yesterday and got 100%, woo! Today Shelby and I are going to go to the gardens to work on our Book of Mormon journals, and I need to make my initial post on a discussion board for my Am. Found. class. I'm really nervous about this board, because I've never been active in political discussions before, and I feel like I don't know enough to contribute an educated opinion. Oh well.

Last night I stayed up until about 2am watching the Perseid shower. It was kind of annoying because I had to watch it in the dorm courtyard (or risk being locked out!) and the lights outside were on, but I managed to see 4 meteors all total! Probably 4more than I would have seen in Los Angeles, haha.

Anyways, the REAL point of this post was to let Charles and Laura know that if they bring me up a grande burrito from Ernie's I won't mind. :)

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Lyle said...

95% of people making political comments don't know enough for their comments to be considered educated. Most people making political comments are talking about stuff they know nothing about, or maybe even worse, parroting things they've heard from others.