October 22, 2010

Too Much?

I went through some of The Pioneer Woman's (I never know whether to call her Ree Drummond or The Pioneer Woman. I mean, Ree Drummond is her name but I don't know her. Awkward) flickr and... I have lots of horse pictures in my favorites now. I think maybe I have another problem. Horses and shopping. WATCH OUT! IT'S CONTAGIOUS! Maybe.

Horses covered in snow, so beautiful. Even before she photoshops them, I'm sure.
She had another camera giveaway today. I'm going to win it this time, I know it. 50,000 people but I'M gonna get that camera.

I think it's probably a good thing so many people enter her giveaways because otherwise I would think "Hey I can win this one!" and then I would be crushed when I didn't. I'm dramatic like that.

Isis would like me to mention that while I'm having fun following this website, she has spent the last couple days napping on the couch, rug, chair, table, etc... Poor cat, it's hard to play outside when it's raining.


The Queen said...

I love her horse photos. I have one of hers for the screensaver on my computer but it's cows.

Jenny said...

ruby and jonah were wondering today if the cat at grandma's house is nice or not. jonah told ruby to let him check it out before she tried to go near the cat. :)