October 19, 2010


As in, LAME sauce.

I was supposed to go work down at the stables at 1 today, but S* wasn't there, just the workers who clean out the horses stalls and give them food. I asked them when they thought S* would get there but I think most of them don't speak very much English. One of the guys said probably in about an hour.
So... at like 2:15 another woman showed up and I asked her if she thought S* would be coming in today and she said probably not because it rained yesterday so the arenas were closed and there wouldn't be any lessons. ughhh so lame! She called him and left him a message so hopefully he'll call me. I should have made her give me his cell number. baaha

I spent my hour walking around trying to make friends with the horses. I think if I were a horse at that stable I would be bored out of my MIND. They sure act like it.
My favorite so far is a big black one they keep in an outside stall, although it's covered. He doesn't have a name plaque but he was pretty friendly. Seriously so big though, I would think he's tall enough to be a draft horse but I don't actually know anything about horses anyway.

Well, better luck next time!

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