April 27, 2011


I got a job working for the school's farmers' market! I'm really excited.
...but also nervous, because guess what. I have to get a permit to drive the big twelve passenger vans.

Good thing I am such an excellent driver!
Oh... wait...

I also need a permit to drive one of these babies, but they look like way more fun than a huge boxy van. Don't you think?
(photo courtesy of my bff John Deere. Yeeeah)

It'll be fun though. I hope. A good experience at the very least.

Also. I'm taking a swimming class this semester, and during the break I was talking with my brother about how great it would be if there were some attractive men in the class and lamenting how we doubted there would be many men period, let alone those of the aesthetically pleasing sort.
Guess what. There are several. It's great.


Brent said...

Happy motoring. Drive safely.

Carla said...

Um... where are the photos? :)