April 21, 2011


I have a fish. I named him Achilles. But I think he is going to die.
Is this a Riggs curse or something? I don't get it.

He came from a friend who kept him in a martini glass through fall and winter semester. I don't know if he was sick but if he was he lived through it for a long time. Why is he sick now?? I gave him a bowl and a plant. His life was supposed to get better.

He has been pretty slow for the past few days, but today he has been darting around his bowl all the time. His fins keep flaring up, he's tried to jump out of his bowl a few times, and there is a swollen lump under his gills.

Maybe I will take him into my Animal Health class to see if Dr. Waddoups can fix him. hehe.

Seriously though. Lame.

Also. Today in my Animal Health class (my life has gotten a lot more weird since I became an Animal Science major) we did some fertility testing in bulls. I didn't actually work with the bull at all, I did paperwork half the time, and the other half I dyed semen on a slide and counted sperm under a microscope. It was fun I guess. It was more fun watching the bulls though.

Poor things.


Ginger said...

Haha, I love it! nature at its best!

Charles said...

Well...that IS more intersting.