March 1, 2010


So, in case you haven't already heard, Waffle, my cat, died last Monday. My mom called me on Tuesday to tell me he was missing, and on Wednesday to tell me the Humane Society had been called to pick up a dead cat on the same day he went missing. The cat was found near our house and had the same coloring as Waffle so we are positive it's him. I was really sad that night and Nicole and Deanna were so good to sit with me while I was bawling about it, and my siblings have been calling to see how I feel. I'm still sad when I think about it but I haven't found myself thinking about it too much lately. I've been away from home for a while so I've already been missing him for a while, and I'm used to the feeling. Waffle was pretty much the most amazing cat I've ever seen and I know that we will probably never find another one quite like him.

Nicole told me he was in kitty heaven. I told her he probably wasn't. haha.

Can I just say that this is the second time Heavenly Father has sent me an amazing roommate? Deanna was definitely the person I needed in the summer when I was still getting used to being away from my family and dealing with my homesickness. Nicole is someone it's hard to imagine me ever having problems with as a roommate. We're comfortable with each other's habits and find it very easy to talk to each other. I feel like she's become a really great friend to me and I'm going to miss her a lot when she leaves in the spring. I think we've both helped each other this semester.


Carla said...

Yay! So good to have a roommate that's your friend. :)
I'm still sad about Waffle, also. I still think I hear him, and then realize it's not him at all.

Lyle said...

Waffle is definitely in kitty heaven!

Waffle loved us, he just had issues because his previous owners were bad people. But he did love us. He just had odd ways of expressing it--like attacking our ankles.