March 9, 2010

I really

don't know what I want to do with my life. Most people, when I tell them this, say, "Oh, that's okay. You have time to figure it out, most people start college not really knowing what they want to pursue." But guys! I really feel like everyone here already knows! And I'm really feeling kind of stressed because students here are always talking about how they hate the Foundations courses because they don't have any application to that particular students major. My professors have talked about the credit cap so many times in my classes I feel like I'm going to hit it next semester!

Really though, I have no idea. I don't even really know what I like to do. In general. I was thinking about it today and realized that I really like people. Even when they're being idiots. I like being around people. I like listening to them, I like making them laugh. I like figuring them out, and I hate to admit it but I'm sure most of you know this already, I thrive on attention from other people.

Where am I supposed to take this? I was thinking about doing therapy before I started here at Idaho. Should I go back to it?


Elizabeth said...

YES! DO THERAPY! SO AWESOME! If I were more patient with school, I would for sure go back to become an MFT.

And you know what... most of the kids that "know" what they want to do will change their mind. Serious.

And BYU-I has a credit cap? What the crap is that. If you reach it, just transfer to the Y. We know how to do things around here. ;)

ginger said...

Uhg... not therapy. Talk about a career that would burn you out quickly!
Annie doesn't know what she's doing yet either... so you aren't alone.
You should go through all the majors in the BYU-I catalog, and make a list of all of them that appeal to you, and then pray about it.

Elizabeth said...

Meh... lots of people make a career out of therapy and love it! You just need to go into it knowing that you are not going to save everybody.

You could also go into teaching, social work, HR, public health... I really like teaching. You could volunteer to tutor some low performing high schoolers or something and see how you like it!

Carla said...

Cleo, you might speak with Valerie B. about this. :) And have you met with a counselor? That may give you some ideas, also.