November 10, 2006


Well, last night was our turkey tussle (homecoming game) and we won (duh) 21-6. woohoo!
I went with one of my friends... and... yeah. It was fun. We ate skittles and talked and of course watched the game. Until the 3rd quarter that is, we kind of stopped after that.

I got a good grade on my short story in English. :) The one that I spent 6 hours writing all in one night.

Ummmm... oh, I have a violin recital tomorrow! It's going to be very exciting, the next oldest student after me is nine years old, and just starting a piece near the beginning of the Suzuki book. I'm going to have so much fun. haha. Erin (my teacher) and I are going to play "I know that my Redeemer Lives" as a duet.

Oh yeah, I've decided that I'm glad im not in marching band this year, because the drum major (why do they even call them that? they're not percusssion...) is a jerk. And, I'm sad about water polo, because my coach is kind of a flake.



Carla said...

Cleo,I enjoyed the music recital; I thought you did a wonderful job on both pieces. I'm looking forward to listening to you and your teacher play the duet in Sacrament next Sunday!
And does your orthodontist know that you're so addicted to Skittles???

Elizabeth said...

who's the drum major??

ginger said...


Judy said...

Yee haw!! I never actually watched the game in high school. Just all the players. :) I'm glad Ellen had more fun at the church dance. School dances are LAME!! Except for prom. That was fun.