November 27, 2006

Again, I don't think this is exactly the blog my mom was looking for, but better than nothing right?

Taking after Lyle's example...

Deeeeeeear Santa,
this year for Christmas I would like... (so far, :P)

1. The Sims 2 Pets
2. The Titanic soundtrack
3. Some cute clothes (hint: I don't have anything red, but other colors are ok too.)
4. A calendar!!
5. A cat
6. World of Warcraft expansion (The Burning Crusade [it actually doesn't come out until Jan. something... but I'm sure you can pre-order it somewhere])
7. Books, lots of them.
8. Some Nsync CDs
9. Don't You Fake It - an album by "The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus"
10. A new waterpolo coach and team
11. Step Up (it's actually being put into stores on the 19th)
12. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (the movie, don't worry, I already have the book. :] )
13. Cool movie sheet music for the violin
14. Channing Tatum ... I guess if you only got me Step Up that would be ok, but getting both of them would be great!
15. Cute earrings
16. Again, to take after Lyle's example... "Surprise Me"


Elizabeth said...

Channing Tatum is sick. I'm pretty sure he's a homosexual.

Lyle said...

You don't want a cat. My landlord's cat pooped in the bathroom yesterday. It was pretty gross. It was even worse that my landlord "cleaned it up," but actually there was still stuff on the floor. So apparently her standard for clean is substantially lower than mine. I finished cleaning it myself. You don't want a cat.

Lyle said...

Come to think of it, for similar reasons you will want to hold off on getting a husband.

ginger said...

World of Warcraft??

Brent said...

Cleo do not read this. For all who might take a hint from Cleo's list, please check with Carla or me before acting, except as to #16. Thanks.

Judy said...

LOL Lyle and Dad. Who's Channing Tatum? Come on Ginger, even JENNY plays W of WC. CLeo, it's too bad I didn't pull your name, I would have gotten you all of it. :)

Lyle said...

Jenny plays W of WC?

Jenny said...

I don't actually play world of warcraft. John doesn't like it, so we don't have it here. I do have two games of Civ. 4 going. :)

Jennie said...

Cleo, I love you.