December 1, 2010

Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas

There isn't actually much about Halloween in this post, David just happens to be wearing his Halloween costume in this picture.

Lyle agreed to arm wrestle him but then he came out in his SPIDERMAN COSTUME. Boy, Lyle sure was scared then.


We played games, like Heroclix

and Carcassonne.

We took naps

and fed the chickens.

We broke our kitchen utensils

and ate good food.

We talked

and took fuzzy pictures of each other talking. Oh wait, that was just me.
We cleaned dishes too but there are no pictures of that. I know, you're just heartbroken. Maybe next year!
It was a blast, and so fun to see John and Jenny & Co. whom we don't see too often!
Mind, I'm still waiting to meet the newest Parker baby. I can't believe I didn't go with Mom and Dad in October. I thought I was going to have a job, phhhbbbt.


Remember how last year I tried to do a "25 Days of Christmas" project? And then... I wasn't that faithful to it? Well. I had a request, to start it again.
And who am I to disappoint my audience?

Me. That's who.
I'm not going to try the project again, BUT I just can't leave Christmas alone, so I will be posting many things about Christmas, they just won't have a structure.
Shall we kick off now on this first day of December??

I love this movie, "A Muppet Christmas Carol". Netflix really needs get on this.


Ginger said...

Haha, I love that David thinks his Spiderman costume will make him stronger!

Lyle said...

What David didn't realize was that I was wearing my Hulk costume under my clothes.

Thanks for the pics, Cleo!

Jenny said...

Thanksgiving was great! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys again soon! :)