November 8, 2010

Apostate Californian

Today I was talking to one of my wonderful sisters-in-law on the phone and she told me they had three inches of snow in Rexburg... and I told her I missed the snow! And I meant it!
The worst part of the snow for me was that I whenever I got home the bottom of the legs on my jeans would be wet, and it wasn't really that bad. I loved the way the city looked in clean fresh snow, it was beautiful.

Love it.

I also love being a goof.

and I love this girl. She's wonderful.

and oh so lovely, this is one of my favorite pictures.

For the record though, I do not miss the wind.


Brent said...

Very pretty.

Lyle said...

You'll change your tune in about two months.

The Queen said...


Carla said...

Leave me some room in the snow. I just need to get some snowboots first.

Jenny said...

bah. that rexburg wind is awful. the only time it didn't blow when i was there was in the middle of the summer when it was HOT and you wished it would blow just a little.