October 23, 2008

Remember me?

Judy asked me to post, but I wasn't sure what to post about, so this is going to be a little disjointed. :)

I recently watched a movie called North and South. It was wonderful! It is a Masterpiece Theatre movie that takes place during the British industrial revolution.
It has a GREAT soundtrack (but they haven't released it for sales =[ ) and I think I'm going to read the book, but first I have to finish Mansfield Park.

Yesterday Muir didn't have school so I had a few friends over and we watched Iron Man. It was really fun, but the best part was when one of my friends' moms asked where we got our Prop 8 sign. I promptly responded, "We've got extras right here!" And ran to get her one. She was quite excited, as was I.

Tomorrow I am staying home from school (woo!) to go to an open ballet rehearsal with my new dance teacher. I've only had one lesson so far, but it looks like ballet is going to be pretty hard. and draining. She is also teaching me tap and salsa though, which should be fun.

Oh, and today during our journalism meeting Ms. Guillen showed us an article written by someone at Burroughs that basically said everyone at Muir was ignorant and poverty stricken and that we had no hope of overcoming those obstacles. It made us all pretty mad. I might post it up here later, I'm still debating whether or not to. Anyway, it was exciting.

This is some of the music from North and South.


Elizabeth said...

Okay, three things.

One. Why is Waffle on the sink in your profile picture? That's weird. I miss the cat. Dangit! And the chickens.

Two. Good job getting that lady a sign! Who was the friend?

Three. What an idiot to write that paper. They obviously don't know very many Muir alumni.

Elizabeth said...

p.s. I also really like you how have "Dating for Dummies" in the bathroom.

Cleo said...

Haha, I was trying to illustrate the amazing life of a teenager. You can't tell, because the picture is small, but I'm plucking my eyebrows.

ginger said...

I am jealous you are taking ballet... that is definitely something I wish I knew how to do, and do well!

PS... when you get into the real world, you might agree with the article about Muir students. You will see when you get to BYU how poor your education has been. Trust me, I've been there. :-(

Jenny said...

so glad you posted! have fun w/ dance. hope you love it!

Lyle said...

Hmmm, clearly I have been away too long since I still have not met the new cat!