April 26, 2008

Since Lyle does not like my style of deadbeat blogging...

I have decided to post what I have been posting on Facebook. :)

I am going to prom on May 23rd, but I still haven't bought a dress. I'm really likin' these oriental styles though. So tell me what you think!

This one is kind of plain, but that dragon is pretty tight.

I think this is actually probably the one I like the least. Cool colors though. And buttons.

I really like this one in the gold and silver colors.

This one is pretty, but my favorite color is the blue/silver and they are sold out in my size. :(

There you go Lyle. I expect a comment from you. :)

P.S. Why yes, I AM excited about prom? Why do you ask. :)


Lyle said...

See, now you have to sit around and wait a few weeks for everyone to even check your blog!

Those are all pretty "tight" dresses. Sorry about the one you like being sold out.

Carla said...

If you two would post more often, everyone would check daily!

Jenny said...

great dresses! i think the third one is my favorite, but i like the last one, too. the gold and navy is nice if you can't get the silver and navy. :)

glad you posted! ;)

The Queen said...

I agree with Jenny, the third is my favorite (in the gold) and then I also really like the last one.

Laura said...

The last one is my favorite as well, It stinks that they are sold out of the silver. They are all really beautiful though.

So...who are you going with?