March 1, 2007

Locker Courtesy

I posted this on my livejournal today and then remembered that I hadn't posted on blogspot in a long time! So, here's a short note from today.

So the hallway that my locker is in used to be empty last year, 'cuz it's at the very end and stuff like that, but this year its kinda crowded.
Situation at my locker today --

Two guys standing in front of the lockers, including mine. I say "'scuse me" he says "oh, my bad"
Girl with the locker next to me on the right comes up and accidentally bumps my arm as she's getting her books out. She turns to me "I'm sorry" I smile, "it's ok" Now the boy that moved for me is opening up the locker on my left. It is now pretty cramped around Cleo's locker, and she is stuck in the middle. I squeeze to put my book in the locker, look at the people on either side of me and say, "geeze, where did all these guys come from?" We all laugh.

It made me happy, for some reason. I mean, until I got to Ms. Sumi's class a little later. I dunno, it just brightens my day when people are friendly like that, you know?


ginger said...

Wow- surprisingly polite for your high school! :-)

Lyle said...

I can't believe you posted a blog. Just when I was going to start leaving insulting comments, knowing that I could get away with it since you haven't checked your blog in two months!!

Cleo said...

I have too, and I saw what you left on my other post thankuverymuch. And yes, I have still been reading other people's blogs.

Jenny said...

hi cleo, I like your avatar. :)

Judy said...

I agree with all of the rest of the comments, especially Lyle's. I love it when people are friendly too. I usually make an effort to say, "hello" to people when I pass them on the street. Sometimes I get ignored (Doh!!)but lots of times I will get a cheerful greeting in return. What's sad is when people are genuinely surprised that I said anything. Keep it up! (The niceties and the blogging!)